Chibi Bertholdt

***I will tag spoilers as Shingeki No Spoilers***
SNK spoilers

H-hey guys, It's that tall guy
or well I used to be tall

Don't underestimate me though !

I was rank 3 of the 104th squad !

Anonymous asked:
"about the hiatus: what if you kept submitting your snk-related drawings here and put the others on another blog? I mean, it'd be just really sad if this blog was completely closed :("

I could… reblog my art from my other blog…then stop posting on my other blog and change the url for this blog. essentially combining the blogs… I might actually do that. 

I don’t really want to manage two blogs.

Anonymous asked:
"Is this blog dead? I miss the cuteness."

I’ve been here and there. Really unmotivated to do anything ;-;  The asks I’ve been getting I feel really bad about not doing them. Been thinking about just not doing an ask blog because the questions get really repetitive and I don’t know how to answer anymore. So maybe I’ll just post drawings/comics of different fandoms.  Because In the end I really want to just draw what I want. >-< ;; And taking requests would be easier than answering questions. Then I can answer personal questions as well. :) So i will probably stop being an ask blog…because I dont really have fun myself anymore! :( sorry for all my followers and thank you for all the support.  I do have some ”Kiss ___ asks” for Bert left I’ll still do

Sorry again! ; u ; thanks for everything c: Most of my drawings recently have been of Haikyuu! tokyo ghoul, snk,  hunterxhunter, free!, bakaramon, etc… If they interest you I hope you will keep following! n_n

or maybe i’ll completely quit this blog and post on my other blog ?


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Anonymous asked:
"May i ask what sort of tablet you use?"

Ooo.. a wacom fun bamboo pen and touch was about 200 dollars :o

PLEASE SHOW ME SOME IF YOU EVER DECIDE TO DRAW MAGGIE !!! I’ve never inspired someone beforeeeee, this makes me happy. uwu ;

Codedmemories I hope you see this but, my only talent is hardwork! *Q* LOL Whenever a teacher told the class stick figures are fine. Don’t do the stick figures! I drew some ugly ass people instead, But I liked them because I worked hard on it, Looking back on old drawings is something I really enjoy. This picture for one, made me crack up so hard but also very happy my art has improved. :) 

Anonymous asked:
"Are you on a Pokemon journey too? OMG!"

No, I don’t have a 3DS. Just having trouble drawing.

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